About Us

Schmitt Angus Ranch is a family owned and family managed operation. The cow herd is approximately 100 head of mother cows. Established in 2006, Schmitt Angus Ranch were purchased through Hidden Valley Angus dispersal sale. We also have an influence of genetics from Tybar Angus Ranch, Mike Goscha and Spruce Mountain Ranch. Today we are still introducing new bloodlines from other operations. However, we feel as if our best cattleare home raised. Therefore, we are growing cow numbers primarily by retaining replacement heifers out of our foundation cow families and proven A.I. sires. Proudly, EPD’s and pedigrees are not our first selection tools. Cattle have to be functional, sound, docile as well as maintaining an appealing confirmation and phenotype. We belive in an easy keeping, small to moderate framed cow with plenty of width, muscle shape and power as possible. They will have a tightly attached udder and small teats. Udder size does not determine milking and mothering ability. Our cattle will still raise a big calf without creep feed. Feet and leg design are important to us. We evaluate the feet and legs of our herd bulls and mother cows for problems. We cull our cattle heavily if they do not meet this criteria.

Elevation is a major factor here in Southwest Colorado. Our cattle have to be suited for this environment. We test our calves, both bulls and heifers, as yearlings for pulminary arterial pressure (PAP test) to help prevent brisket disease in our cattle. We do not retain any females that are not considered “low risk” for brisket disease. By doing this we have seen a large majority of our cattle pass a (PAP test). Eventhough we can’t successfully use all pedigrees at elevation, we do not believe it puts us at a disadvantage as an Angus breeder. Instead, it gives us an advantage over other breeders. With this said we believe our cattle can excel anywhere nationwide.